Friday, 26 July 2013

Sample Interview Questions For ASI Public Service Exam

1-How are you?
2-introduce yourself?
3-Which are your optional subjects
(then i told math , physics and chemistry)
4-kya kisi pakistani ko kabi nobel prize mila hai?
5-kisy mila hai?
6-kab mila?
7-kiun mila?
8–Which NewsPaper you read ?
9–Who is the Editor of express ?
Ans–Ather Abbas
10–who is the Editor of Daily Jang ?
Ans–Mir Shakil ul Rehman
-what is projection?
10-how we can sketch it?
11-their types?
12-what is conical projections?
13-police department is corrupt what you say?
16-how we can vanish the corruption from Pakistan?
17-FIR stands for
18-Who is your district DPO
19-Who is foreign minister of USA
20- Duties of Police

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