Monday, 15 July 2013

PPSC Past Papers of Jobs (2012)

DOWNLOAD Pdf of All these Papers
  1. PPSC Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Past Paper
  2. PPSC Subject Specialist (Political Science / Civics) Past Paper
  3. PPSC Subject Specialist (Mathematics) Past Paper
  4. PPSC Lecturer Past Paper of Educaion
  5. Assistant in Board of Revenue Past Paper
  6. Deputy District Accounts Officer Past Paper
  7. Cooperative Inspector Societies Past Paper
  8. Deputy Accountant Past Paper Solved
  9. PPSC Assistant Director Past Papers Solved
  10. PPSC Labout Inspector Past Papers Solved
  11. PPSC Tehsildars Urdu Essay &  Composition
  12. PPSC Urdu Past Papers MCQs Solved
  13. PPSC Tehsildars English Essay & Composition
  14. PPSC Social Security Officer Past Paper
  15. Assistant Director IB Past Paper Solved
  16. PPSC Sub Inspector ISI Past Paper Solved 
  17. PPSC AD Land Records Past Paper Solved
  18. PPSC Naib Tehsildar Past Paper Solved
  19. PPSC Inspector Anti Corruption Past Paper
  20. PPSC Zilledar Past Papers Solved
  21. PPSC DZO Past Paper Solved
  22. PPSC Labour Officer Past Paper
  23. SPSC Mukhtiarkar Paper
  24. SPSC Mukhtiarkar Paper 2
  25. Social Security Officer Past Paper
  26. BPSC AEO Past Paper
  27. BPSC SO Past Paper
  28. BPSC DFC Past Paper
  29. BPSC DFO Past Papers
  30. Tehsildar Past Paper Solved
  31. Assistant Director Labour Paper Solved
  32. PPSC Food Grain Inspector Past Paper Solved
  33. PPSC Junior Petrol Officer Solved Paper

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