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Dil kahan tak (Ranj-e-Ashnai OST by Fariha pervez and Sahir ali bagga Aplus ( Audio / Video )

Ranj-e-Ashnai by Aplus Entertainment

This story is true description of women's real strength, will power, pains & relieves. Though the society never proves the knowledge , struggle and sacrifices of lonely women's. But this story proves that women's can acknowledge them selves. they didn't easily get their rights and are treated as slaves no one ever ask what their opinion is and what they want, bu they have to follow what is instructed weather its right or wrong. They have to abide lot of rules restrictions and laws of the family. A story full of emotions and tears of women's.

Ranj-e-Ashnai OST by Fariha pervaiz and Sahir ali baga Aplus

A story of three sisters Zara, Iram and Pinky who defy defeat, destruction and death to challenge the very challenges of their existence and thus prove their true mettle. Though they were living under the feudalism system of typical society. A true depiction of a woman’s real strength her will.

ranj-e-ashnai ost aplus drama

Channel: AplusOST: Ranj-e-Ashnai
Singer: Fariha pervez & Sahir ali bagga
Project Head: Kamran Khan
Executive Producer: Sadia J
Director: Nain Maniar
Writer: Kifayat Rodani
Produced by : Ironline production
Post: Maniar films

Cast: Shabbir Jan, Fazila Qazi, Junaid Khan, Sana Khan, Badar Khalil, Faiq Khan, Nousheen Ibrahim, Mehmood Akhter, Zeba Ali. 

Ranj e ashnai OST Video :

Ranj e ashnai OST Audio:

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