Sunday, 13 January 2013

Internet Download Manager (Patch for all Versions)

Now All versions of Internet Download Manager can be registered.
No message that  IDM has been registered with fake serial number...
Now its resolved....

If your IDM showing IDM has been registered with fake serial number  then don't worry...
Disable IDM by
Right click on IDM icon and exit IDM ( idm icon is near volume icon at right bottom side)

1)  First of All download  from this red link    
                                            INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER

2) Open crack folder and there are 2 files .
just copy these 2 files.

3)  Open installation folder from MY Computer    C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager 
4) Now paste those 2 files in this folder. it will ask to overwrite ...
click yes overwrite these files any way.

5) Now open   "Reg key"   folder and click on registry and press ok.
IDM is registered.

If you update your IDM and again it shows IDM has been registered with fake serial number
then you can repeat this same procedure to remove this error.
it will be registered and your IDM will be continued ,

if you are installing first time first time, 
there is a setup file so you can install and use this procedure to register.

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